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Festivals & Traditions

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The Mimosa Festival in Mandelieu-La NapouleThe Mimosa Festival

In February the entire city Mandelieu-La Napoule comes to life from the flowering of these multiple suns. Madly in love with these yellow clusters which originate form Australia, Mandelieu-La Napoule very quickly notices the visual and fragrant impact of these sunny branches on its hills.

The Mimosa, "this winter sun", is so dear to the heart of the people of Mandelieu and La Napoule that the entire city celebrates, every year in February, this myriad of mini suns that illuminate our hills and fill our senses with its fragrance.

This mimosa festival, marked by traditions and local folklore, unites mimosa, our emerald forests and the sea in one dance.


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Patron saint festivals


Festival of St Pons
Festival of St PonsIn May in Capitou

Parade with lanterns, square ball fights, grand lottery and rides …
Each year, the Committee of St Pons rolls out the red carpet of activities to celebrate the first patron saint festival organised in our city.

A festival which crosses time, attractive with the same intensity for the new generations of people of Capitou as for the ancestors of the district.


Festival of St Fainéant
In May in La Napoule

A first-rate tourist district, La Napoule also promotes another rather ragged image. It is actually 130 years since its inhabitants deemed laziness a virtue in a friendly very popular local festival.

An ode to the laziness created in the French Revolution while the glassmakers of the Château de La Napoule, taking advantage of spring cleaning their furnaces, "rested" from their toil to the rhythm of songs and dances. An affront to the fishermen who saw in them as real slackers!



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