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Sites and activities: Golf

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The 9-hole course at the Old CourseThe 9-hole course at the Old Course

The "Grand Duke", genuine 9-hole lets beginners make their first shots.
It also hosts players when a competition is being held on the 18-hole course.

Total distance: 2118 metres
Par: 33
Slope: Men - Women: 113
Architect: H.S. COLT - 1891


The 18-hole course at the Old Course:

The Old Course. Original due to its level configuration and its immense stone pines, several hundreds of years old.
Reference, every year it hosts the most prestigious fixtures on the Côte d'Azur.

Total distance: 5,749 metres
Par: 71
Slope: Men: 115 - Women: 116
Architect: H.S. COLT - 1891

The 18-hole course at the Old Course

Hole °1: 342 m par 4.
A start which seems easy as long as you consider the dog leg to avoid the bunkers on the right.

Hole °2: 170 m par 3.
If the starting stroke does not reach the green, all attempts to reach it will be difficult.

Hole °3: 212 m par 3.
A par 3 difficulty because at the outset you see the bunkers on the right and left rather than the slightly sunken green.

Hole °4: 340 m par 4.
The dangers are on the left with an outside limit and on the right side with a hundred year-old pine which easily takes care of the balls.

Hole °5: 269 m par 4.
A short par 4 that should be considered with respect. Be careful on your right with the mass of pine trees.

Hole °6: 449 m par 5.
It is imperative to go past the edge of the trees with the first shot to hope for par.

Hole °7: 402 m par 4.
This very wide fairway lets you to press a little more the drive otherwise, reaching the green will be difficult.

Hole °8: 436 m par 5.
The challenge is to reach the green in 2. Be careful with the stone pines on the rights which don't give balls back easily.

Hole °9: 281 m par 4.
The hole of just 281m sees birdies more often when the first stroke has been wisely placed in the middle of the fairway.

Hole °10: 440 m par 5.
At the outset, you can just glimpse the dog leg fairway on the left, it's best to put the first stroke on the fairway.

Hole °11: 415 m par 4.
At the start in the background the trees are so dense it's like being in a tunnel. The difficulty lies in placing the first stroke on the left of the fairway.

Hole °12: 115 m par 3.
A small iron to play but depending on the location of the flag, the putt can be tricky.

Hole °13: 490 m par 5.
Drive on the left side of the fairway but be careful with the off-limits areas.

Hole °14: 340 m par 4.
Drive on the left of the fairway because the trees on the right make the second stroke delicate.

Hole °15: 385 m par 4.
The first part of the fairway is very close, the large pine on the left and the other on the right often make the par difficult.

Hole °16: 129 m par 3.
A long green in two plateaus, the club choice is decisive for reaching the hole and trying for a birdie.

Hole °17: 184 m par 3.
A long, straight stroke is needed to avoid the traps around the green.

Hole °18: 350 m par 4.
It is preferable to be on the fairway to get a second shot clearly opposite the green.


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