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Sites and activities: Golf

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The 18-hole course of Le Riviera Golf de Barbossi

Shaded by cork oaks, stone pines and mimosas, enlivened by the tinkling of the Riou de l’Argentière river and dominated by the foothills of the Esterel Massif, the 18-hole Barbossi Riviera Golf course boasts an exceptional environment.

Spreading over 5,444 metres with a Par of 72, it includes many unique features inserted by the architect Trent Jones. This is seen clearly in the way the bunkers have been cut out and positioned, and in the frequency of water obstacles which are very original, particularly well positioned and a source of serenity over the course.

Each hole offers its own unique features, but in general, the difficulty often resides in the need to start with a good drive. The following strokes are sometimes easier, but players have to contend with bunkers dotting the fairways, the Riou river, lakes and undulating, remarkably well-defended greens.

The practice area has a driving range with 15 tees, including 9 covered tees, 3 compact holes and a putting green, providing you with a complete golfing experience and making Barbossi Riviera Golf course an oasis of calm where golfers can de-stress.

Course details:

Hole °1: 479 m par 5, peaceful.
Hole without any major difficulties which allows good progress.

Hole °2: 183 m par 3, pleasant.
The difficulty lies to the left in the river alongside the fairway. The green is very long and moderately defended. To be played with a 3 or 4 iron.

Hole °3: 295 m par 4, classic.
Dog leg on the right. Rather than try to putt, it is important to place your drive well and to play along the left. The green is very well defended by several bunkers.

Hole °4: 351 m par 4, strategic.
A very beautiful hole, slight dog leg to the right. A must: play the drive in the middle, the second putt is difficult. The level green is narrow, hilly and well defended by a water obstacle.

Hole °5: 338 m par 4, delicate.
Dog leg on the left. 30 metres from the start, a tree breaks the view, drive to be played to fade slightly. The long and narrow green is very well defended by the crossings of the Riou river and the bunkers.

Hole °6: 305 m par 4, superb.
Very beautiful isolated start, elevated and cut into the hillside. Real dog leg on the right. To be played with a 2 iron, nice, very well defended, attack of green.

Hole °7: 266m par 4, uphill.
Dog leg and danger to the right, big rough. A must; placing your drive. The second putt must not be too short, the green is high.

Hole °8: 100m par 3, nice.
Huge bunker which occupies virtually the entire fairway, no other difficulty. Note, the vine on the left of the starting point.

Hole °9: 515 m par 5, very difficult.
Panoramic starting point, you need to tap the drive slightly to the right, watch out for the water obstacle on the left. Second putt uphill and very long. A must: take the green, but its high attack is difficult.

Hole °10: 414 m par 4, the most difficult.
Par 4 to the limit of Par 5, it must be long enough to take the ball 220 metres away on the 75 m2 plateau. The second putt is played with a 2 or 3 iron, the green is very well defended by a water obstacle on the left and trees on the right.

Hole °11: 168 m par 3, very technical.
The river passes in front of the starting point, you need to guide it slightly to the right with a long iron. Watch out for the bunkers protecting the green.

Hole °12: 323 m par 4, difficult opening
Dog leg on the right, the drive must be very long, guide it to the left edge of the bunker. The green is very well defended by the water obstacle.

Hole °13: 287 m par 4, very technical.
A must: don't be too short on the left, play in the direction of the bunkers, the green is perched on a plateau.

Hole °14: 329 m par 4, original.
At the outset, guide it to the left of the fairway, the green is cut into the hillside. But choose your iron carefully, this green is a trick of the eye as it seems very close.

Hole °15: 266m par 4, very difficult.
Blind drive drop (180 metres), you need to play a long iron to place the ball in the middle of the plateau. Slicing is forbidden, attack of green uphill.

Hole °16: 351m par 4, classic.
Dog leg on the right, you have to align your drive with the bunkers at the bottom of the fairway, the attack of green is relatively easy.

Hole °17: 290m par 4, delicate.
Dog leg on the right, straight, long drive, the ball has to be carried to the green by the second putt. Watch out for the easterly wind.

Hole °18: 476m par 5, calming.
Easy drive. With the second putt you have to slightly guide it to the left to avoid the water obstacle. Delicate attack of green.

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