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Sites and activities: Nature

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Other natural sites: Banks of the Siagne

Banks of the Siagne

The Siagne River, a natural area linking the town to the sea, is a quality public space affirming its true landscape identity. Its banks are regularly frequented by walkers and families walking from the city centre to the coast.
The banks of the Siagne extend for close to three thousand metres. The vegetation is dense: more than 2,000 trees and shrubs of about 50 different species.
The banks of the Siagne are maintained each day by agents of the DUFE (Directorate of Urban Planning, Land and the Environment - Cleaning Department of the Mandelieu-La Napoule Council). They are also cleared of brushwood at least twice a year over an area of 72,000 m² along the canal, in mid-summer
and mid-autumn.
Along the channel is the biggest dry port in Europe, Port Inland. With a capacity of 800 places, it accommodates motor boats with motors up to 6 tonnes for a month or a year. It is also within this framework that will leads rows to get together within the Rowing Club Cannes-Mandelieu which has given rise to many
champions including Sébastien Vieilledent, gold medallist in Sydney in 2004.



Length: 2,850 metres
Vegetation: buddleias, ceanothes, dogwoods, mayflowers, hazels, pear trees, apple trees, poplars, cotinus, osmanthus and olearias. Grasses are also very present (stipas, pennisetums,
miscanthus, sedge grasses, fescues).

Camille Park

Camille Park

Camille park is the latest site developed by the municipal services, with, in the vicinity, the Garden of Alexia and the Forme route. It is a link between the two banks of the River Siagne and gives walkers the opportunity to rejuvenate in a rural and peaceful site.

Access: facing the Inland port, close to the Garden of Alexia and the Marina Park residence.
Area: 14,000 m²
Vegetation: poplars, ash trees, canes of Provence, gynerium and prairie grasses.

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