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Sites and activities: The Sea

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La Napoule PortPleasure ports
in Mandelieu-La Napoule

The biggest pleasure port capacity in the Alpes Maritimes, 5,000 posts fully devoted to pleasure boats, located on seven different harbour sites offering an exceptional offer for each boater to find the formula that is best suited to their particular needs.

Two labels are now important to protect the environment of pleasure ports:



The Blue Flag label:

The Blue Flag is an international label with a strong tourist connotation, a symbol of a exemplary environmental quality
The Blue Flag label:The award criteria are divided into four categories:

The Clean Ports Label:The Clean Ports Label

In the Regions of Languedoc-Rroussillon and Provence-Alpes -Côte d'Azur, the "Clean Ports" label applies to the management of waste and effluents generated by pleasure ports. The operation is conducted in partnership with the Rhône-Mediterranean-Corsica Water Agency, ADEME and the Regional Directorate of the Environment, and allows users to be made aware of the preservation of the port and maritime environment.

 Obtaining the label is conditioned by:

2 Maritime Ports:La Napoule port and La Rague port at the bottom of the photo

La Napoule Port

43 ° 32 ' NORTH - 06 ° 56 ' EAST
V.H.F Canal 9

Public port: 200 posts from 6 m to 35 m
Leased port: 717 posts from 6 m to 52 m
Slots for passing boats up to 35 m on pontoon dock and berth.

Fuels, shops, nautical services, restaurants at the port.
Diving, sailing and sea-fishing clubs.

European Blue Flag for pleasure ports


La Napoule port -S.A du Yacht Club International - B.P. 923 - 06210 M.L.N
Tel.: 04 92 97 77 77 - Fax: 04 92 97 78 78
Website: La Napoule Port


La Rague Port

V.H.F Canal 9 -
560 posts130 of which are for passing. Spaces provided for pleasure boats
up to 30 metres. Fuels, shops, nautical services, restaurants at the port.
Diving and sailing clubs.
La Rague Port - B.P. 915 - 06210 M.L.N
Tel: 04 93 49 81 55 - Fax: 04 93 49 83 99

La Napoule Port and La Rague Port are both labelled«Clean Ports»


1 Dry port:


Dry port in Mandelieu-La Napoule

On the canal of the Siagne River
A dry port with a capacity of 800 places, accommodating motor boats up to 6 tonnes for a month or a year.

Fuels, shops, nautical services and restaurant at the port.

Port Inland S.A
701, Avenue Gaston de Fontmichel
B.P. 55 - 06210 M.L.N
Tel: 04 93 47 50 68 - Fax: 04 93 47 96 44



4 River ports:

Private port of Cannes Marina in Mandelieu

Private port of Cannes Marina

1769 posts for motor boats, various shops and water sports on the marina.
Private port of Cannes Marina
150, allée Calypso - 06210 M.L.N
Tel: 04 93 49 51 27 - Fax: 04 93 49 16 50



Private port Marco Polo

250 posts fully devoted to motor boats.
Private port of Marco Polo - bd. des Écureuils
06210 M.L.N
e-mail :


Communal Port of Riou Mandelieu La Napoule

Communal Port of Riou

150 posts fully devoted to motor boats.
Communal Port of Riou - Route du Golf
06210 M.L.N
Tel: 04 92 97 04 26 - Fax: 04 92 97 95 01





Private port of Marina Parc

(83 posts - Motor boats only)

The sea in Mandelieu-La Napoule :

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