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Sites and activities: The Sea

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Sea fishing in Mandelieu-La NapouleSea fishing in Mandelieu-La Napoule

Head out to sea on-board a speedboat accompanied by experienced fishermen. Discover the pleasures of the high seas and big-game fishing. Sightings of dolphins, whales and all other species of cetaceans which regularly cross between Corsica and the continent. This is the programme offered by:


Le Fishing Club Napoulois

A club affiliated to the French Sea Fishing Federation,
which organises fishing trips from its members' boats,
for interested people, depending on the season:

La Napoule Port - B.P. 923 - 06210 M.L.N
mob: 06 80 13 35 47 - Fax: 04 93 75 42 29

Bateau Annett

You will be welcomed on-board their boat with their crew for a day to live on the high seas for big game fishing or an exceptional day looking for dolphins and whales.

410 av. J. Passero - bat. 10 - "Les 3 rivières"
Fax: 04 93 49 72 43 - Mob. : 06 08 26 27 78 - 06 08 58 59 29

Website for Bateau "Annett"


The sea in Mandelieu-La Napoule :

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