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The Mimosa in Mandelieu-La Napoule

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The Mimosa Festival in Mandelieu La NapouleThe Mimosa Festival

The Mimosa Festival is a large popular festival organised in February every year. The festivities last for 10 days and its main attractions are floral floats during both weekends.

After an opening evening at the «Notre Dame des Mimosas» Chapel and when the Mimosa Queen has been selected, the streets of the City Centre and the La Napoule are home to parades and floats by day and night. For about two hours, the floats, completely decorated with mimosa grown on the surrounding hillsides, parade to the sound of marching bands and all kinds of street orchestras.

On Sundays, children enjoy fighting over the flowers, as do the older ones when they set off again after the floral floats have finished, their arms laden with mimosa.

On Saturday evenings, fairytale shows offered by troops of artists on lit floats are at the focus of the festivities.

The Tourist Office organises coach trips during this period so that all visitors can find out about all aspects of mimosa, from its flowering to its cultivation by the 'mimosistes' mimosa growers in the Tanneron massif up to the manufacture of fragrances based on mimosa in Grasse.

Hiking enthusiasts will be able to discover, with or without a guide, routes full of contrasting colours and scents honey-sweetened by the gentle warmth of the winter sun, heralding the spring.

At the end of the festivities, 12 tonnes of mimosa will have been used to decorate the floats and supply the flower fights.

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