Swim with dolphins - Photo Safari - Bateau Annett

  • Swim with dolphins - Photo Safari - Bateau Annett

An original experiment: observe dolphins in their natural environment, be able to photograph them and for the most adventurous, get into the water.

Swimming with dolphins and Whales.
Thanks to the well-established experience of ANNETT's Captain : Thierry POURRERE and to our air spotting, you will rapidly join Dolphin's groups, whales and other marine mammals of the Pelagos sanctuary.
During the crossing, Tiffany, your qualified diving sailor who will go with you inside water, will brief you about swimming sessions and security instructions.
As soon as we see dolphins and whales, we keep an approach and familiarization time : these are wild animals. Further to this time of trust-building, you go inside water to swim with dolphins. You swim with dolphins and whales as often as you wish, as much time as they permit it during all the day and at all encounters. However, we need to be aware that we swim in a natural environment and so we will not be able to touch or pet species we can encounter.

Whale Watching : Observation of dolphins, whales and other marine animals.
The Whale Watching place is for people who want to observe and photograph dolphins and other marine animals without going inside water..

Openings and Rates


From 01/05 to 15/10, daily between 9 am and 6 pm. Dates to be confirmed.

Postponed in case of bad weather.


Adult: 144 to 310 €.

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