La Napoule Arty! Heritage, exhibitions, living art, musical atmosphere, designer markets… In summer, the La Napoule district becomes ARTY!

Castles, ephemeral exhibitions, shows, arts and crafts markets... In summer, Mandelieu-La Napoule offers cultural and festive entertainment every evening!

La Napoule is the historic and Arty area of ​​the Destination. Already crowned with a romantic image by the history of Les Clews: from the gates of the Château de la Napoule, to the frescoes that adorn the facades, passing through the squares welcoming fountains, arts and crafts shops, without forgetting summer events – the designer market.

The Castle of La Napoule is considered today as one of the finest artist residencies in the world. Through “La Napoule Art Foundation” patron of artists created by Marie Clews, it becomes a creative space for emerging talents and through the eponymous Prize and accompanies an American artist each year.
The unveiling of works from these residences punctuate the calendar of the Château de la Napoule.

The villa Le Logis d'Azur, annex of the Hôtel Ermitage de l'Oasis, facing the port of Napoule, hosts temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

The art of golf. Finally, not far from La Napoule, we must mention the exceptional collection of monumental works installed on the course of the Riviera Golf de Barbossi.

Robinson's Nights. In the middle of summer, under the starry sky and along the banks of Siagne, many prestigious and eclectic shows take place, for all tastes and all generations in the enchanting setting of the Robinson Theatre. A program around dance, music, theatre; the opportunity, in an intimate setting, to listen to renowned artists, legendary groups as well as new talents...

Live the Words! Every year in May, it is an event dedicated to theater authors and film screenwriters, inviting the public to come and meet more than 60 authors and professionals who work to bring theater and cinema to life. On the program: shows, meetings, readings, dedications, conferences and workshops...

The traditional spring festivals! Mandelieu-La Napoule is particularly attached to the celebration of its so-called Patronal Festivals, which remain true moments of sharing and intergenerational gaiety. Like the Feasts in the villages of the high country, Mandelieu proudly displays its pleasure in paying tribute to the history of its districts. The opportunity for visitors to join the parades, events and tastings organized in the different districts to come and meet the inhabitants and share their traditions in a great conviviality. To each their own celebration!

The Saint Pons in Capitou! (May)

Appointment is therefore given on the charming place of Capitou, district of the mimosists.

La Saint Fainéant near La Napoule! (June)

In 1837, a glass factory was installed within the Chateau de La Napoule.It was at this time that the Saint-Fainéant was born. Once a year, at Pentecost, the ovens used to operate the factory had to be cleaned and therefore taken out to the square to be scoured. As a result, the workers took advantage of this “forced” rest to entertain themselves. The festivities ended in the evening, on the beach, in apotheosis with the incineration of a purifying pine. The fishermen, who could not be "unemployed" because they had to pull their nets tirelessly, sent jeers to the workers celebrating, calling them "lazy"! Appointment is therefore given in the district of La Napoule.

The Saint-Jean ! (June)

Celebrating in many countries, it is a very old tradition to pay homage to the summer solstice with bonfires. In Mandelieu, the rendezvous is given on Robinson Beach.