Music Day 2024

Le 21/06/2024

Mandelieu-La Napoule

June 21, 2024: let's go to the music!

The Music Festival is making a comeback in Mandelieu, which will become an open stage for one evening.

Meet for a musical stroll on the banks of Siagne and at Robinson Park to listen to the artists who will perform and discover musical talents.

18-19 p.m. - “Guinguette de la Siagne”
Music school of the Municipal Cultural Center

18 p.m. – 20 p.m. – “Bohemia” group
Banks of Siagne (after the bridge)

19 p.m.-19:30 p.m. - Esplanade Pinea (in front of the stairs)
Choir of Siagne

20 p.m.-22 p.m. - Napoule Church
song of joy – St Vincent de Lérins Choir

21 p.m. – Place Jeanne d’Arc
Groups "Next" and "Glitch Groove"

Group “Next”: another cover band? you might think, they are here to surprise you with an unexpected twist! their musical creations are completely rethought and influenced by their current inspirations, always reinvented with passion. be ready to rediscover your favorite songs through their repertoire.

Group "Glitch Groove": immerse yourself in the electrifying world of "Glitch Groove", a musical trio fusing blues, pop rock with a little touch of metal. revisiting beloved musical classics with a modern, innovative twist. glitch groove will take you on an unforgettable sonic journey.

22 p.m.-midnight - robinson park
Dj So 06

Food trucks will also be set up in Robinson Park from 18 p.m.


Open from 21 to 21 June 2024
Friday 18:00am to 00:00pm
Open from 21 to 21 June 2024
Friday 18:00am to 00:00pm