The sea and its recreation
  • Approach the dolphins

Cala Rossa Dream - Observation of dolphins

Do you want sensation and adventure? Do you dream to swim among dolphins, see turtles and whales? This is possible in Mandelieu [06] aboard the Cala Rossa.

dolphin in Marineland

One day fun in Marineland


One day in Marineland, it is to make sure that all the family will have a good time of relaxation and discovery of dolphins and other marine animals: sea lions, seals, killer whales, sharks, ...

Swim with dolphins - Photo Safari - Bateau Annett

An original experiment: observe dolphins in their natural environment, be able to photograph them and for the most adventurous, get into the water.

Swimming with dolphins and Whales.
Thanks to the well-established experience of ANNETT's Captain : Thierry POURRERE and to our air spotting, you will rapidly join Dolphin's groups, whales and other marine mammals of the Pelagos sanctuary.