The sea and its recreation
  • Approach the dolphins

Cala Rossa Dream - Observation of dolphins

Do you want sensation and adventure? Do you dream to swim among dolphins, see turtles and whales? This is possible in Mandelieu [06] aboard the Cala Rossa.

Give you an extraordinary day aboard the Cala Rossa and swim with dolphins in the heart of the sanctuary Pelagos (about 25000 dolphins identified), a real nature reserve created at the initiative of France, Monaco and Italy, for the protection of cetaceans, dolphins, whales and turtles ...

dolphin in Marineland

One day fun in Marineland


One day in Marineland, it is to make sure that all the family will have a good time of relaxation and discovery of dolphins and other marine animals: sea lions, seals, killer whales, sharks, ...

Swim with dolphins - Photo Safari - Bateau Annett

An original experiment: observe dolphins in their natural environment, be able to photograph them and for the most adventurous, get into the water.

Swimming with dolphins and Whales.
Thanks to the well-established experience of ANNETT's Captain : Thierry POURRERE and to our air spotting, you will rapidly join Dolphin's groups, whales and other marine mammals of the Pelagos sanctuary.