Le 07/10/2023


Josette Baïz - Dance, Cie Grenade

What do bodies shaped by years of dancing tell us?
In a spoken-danced dialogue that is both humorous and moving, two performers, a girl and a boy, return to the journey of dancers that takes root in childhood.
Along the way, they revisit the different energies that have permeated their bodies through the emblematic choreographic phrases of great choreographers.
An impetuous, plural, modern and ultra-lively dance, woven around the most striking excerpts from major pieces from the international choreographic repertoire.
An exciting panorama of dance over the past 30 years!

Choreography: Josette Baïz,
Performers: Lola Cougard, Geoffrey Piberne
Original costume: Josette Baïz and the dancers
Choreographies: "Entity" - Wayne McGregor / "Uprising", Hofesh Shechter / "The variations of Navarre", Nicolas Chaigneau & Claire Laureau / "3 G" - Jean-Claude Gallotta / Monger - Barak Marshall / Get... done , Katharina Christl / “The Evocation” Damien Jalet / “The show must go on” Jérôme Bel.
Original music: “Vessel” Jon Hopkins / “Uprising”, Hofesh Shechter / Excerpt from the TV movie Henry of Navarre by Jo Baier / “Lâ Mai” and “Final G1” Strigall /, “Haleluya” Blaze Byron Feat. Hanna / “Time Dot”, Alva Noto / “L’Evocation” Valdimar Johannsson / “Stand on the world” - The Joubert Singers / “I like to move it” The mad stuntman.
Video editing: Matthieu Maurice
Dancer video editing Company: Wrong Time, Julie Yousef and Cyril Limousin
General management: Erwann Collet
Lighting creation and adaptation: Erwann Collet
Sound manager: Sylvain Lambert


Open from 07 to 07 October 2023
SATURDAYFrom 20 noon
Open from 07 to 07 October 2023
SATURDAYFrom 20 noon


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