Mandelieu, Capital of Mimosa!

Mimosa flowering. From mid-December - and until mid-March -, mimosas bloom on the hills of Tanneron. The months of January and February correspond to the peak flowering period and allow you to immerse yourself in these unique settings.

Originally from Australia, the mimosa was introduced to Europe in the 19th century by English winterers. During their travels, botanists and scientists brought back various species of trees and flowers from this still unexplored region, including the famous mimosa. This is the beginning of the extraordinary story which now links Mandelieu-La Napoule to this delicate and fragrant little yellow flower.

BAtlantic and history.

Find out more! A mimosa arboretum and an open-air exhibition “The Mimosa Saga”.

In the heart of Emmanuelle de Marande Park, a mimosa arboretum considered the MIMOSA MUSEUM, extends over nearly 10m000. It is the green lung of the historic mimosa district: Capitou and is made up of around a hundred species of mimosa. It hosts an open-air exhibition called LA SAGA DU MIMOSA, which traces the history and evolution of mimosa cultivation: from its exploitation through forcing and packaging techniques.

This exhibition aims to pay tribute to the families of mimosists, those who knew how to export, thanks to their work since the 1920s, this small fragile and delicate flower which cover our hills every winter and to make it, not only an economy, but also a tourist attraction.

Walks, hikes and visits around the mimosa!

What a pleasure to stroll through the heart of the largest mimosa forest in Europe!

To each their own time, to each their own contemplation, to each the desire to immerse themselves in this sea of ​​mimosa whose scents take us back to childhood and sweet memories of shared vacations! During the flowering period, the Tourist Office offers multiple visits and discoveries on the theme of mimosa: walks and hikes on foot or motorized (in vintage cars, in groups, individuals, guided, etc.) to discover the mimosa in all its forms ; in the heart of the mimosa forest, in gourmet variations, in scents (perfumes or candles, etc.).


The mimosa is available in some sweet treats concocted by the Mandalorian talents! We thus find mimosa confit to accompany fresh cheese or foie gras, syrup or mimosa liqueur for the end of a meal, a small tart called MimOasis -in February- at the Comptoir de l'Oasis, mimosa ice cream at Louise or even delicious mimosa desserts on the menus of our restaurants!

The Mandelieu Mimosa Festival, since 1931!

Mandelieu will celebrate the Crazy Sports from February 14 to 18, 2024! 4 days of festivities during which the city pays homage to the delicate flower.

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