French art of living

Mandelieu is a charming seaside town, on a human scale where the sweetness of life is in order.

Ideal for families, chic and relaxed, it is at the heart of an exceptional territory between Mediterranean sea, the massifs ofEsterel and Tanneron, irrigated by multiple canals which cross its districts, it is bordered by bucolic banks of Siagne.

Le Château de La Napoule, as if resting on the Mediterranean shore, displays its ocher colors at the foot of the Estérel, not far from one of the oldest golf courses in France, the Old Course Mandelieu created in 1891 on the will of the Grand Duke Michael of Russia. the Barbossi Riviera Golf, created in 1991, exhibits about twenty contemporary works on his career, thus cleverly combining: Sport and Art.

Le sports is honored there throughout the year, because of its history, since it was the aristocracy who imported elegant sports there from the end of the 19rd century. Today, its equipment and its geography allow the practice de nautical sports and equestrian, golf, tennis, mountain biking, hiking especially in the hills which are covered at the beginning of the year with Mimosa, the emblematic flower of the winter sun on the Côte d'Azur.

Mandelieu-La Napoule is also the very first Nautical Destination on the French Riviera. There are nearly 6000 port rings, 7 marinas: 3 river, 3 maritime and 1 dry. The living room THE NAPOULE BOAT SHOW takes up residence in Port La Napoule in April.

Finally, gastronomy is the name of the game in Mandelieu. Chef BESSEM is now crowned with a Michelin star, good restaurants are available from the beaches, to the ports via the Mandalorian squares and the taverns along the banks of Siagne; without forgetting the SAVEURS et TERROIRS show (in November) which gives pride of place to producers.

Mandelieu, Capital of Mimosa in winter, prides itself on offering its visitors a certain French art of living, connected to nature all year round and offering the best of this Côte d'Azur with 1000 colors.

The Mandelieu Tourisme team welcomes you to the French Riviera!