Cradle of the Mimosa culture

The Tanneron Massif is the Mimosa massif : wild mimosas and mimosa plantations. It is the cradle of its culture and the largest Mimosa forest in Europe. It is to be discovered all year round and more particularly from mid-December to March, the flowering period of mimosa flowers. It is an ideal season to recharge your batteries in the sun and enjoy colorful and fragrant nature during your holidays. Ideal for Instagramable photo shoots!

Walking tours

This is the "queen" hike, the must! Located on the first slopes of the Tanneron, the municipal forest of the Grand Duke, whose management is entrusted to the ONF, offers a real belvedere above the Côte d'Azur. Covering an area of ​​90 hectares, trails and paths have been laid out there and allow you to enjoy exceptional views of the coast, while discovering the specific forest flora of this Massif. Tables of picnic are installed at the place of departure of the hiking loops. It's'ideal route in winter to take advantage of family or friends flowering mimosa.

Other routes exist from Capitou by taking the GR 51 which then joins the forest of the Grand Duke

Bike tour

  • Starting point: beginning of boulevard Paul Tarascon
  • Point of arrival: entrance sign in the Var department
  • This segment is 7.5 km long with 450 m of elevation gain.

Car tour

  • Departure to Mandelieu-la-Napoule on departmental 92 with a view of a magnificent panorama of the coast, the islands of Lerins, Cannes and its surroundings, the Summit of the Alps.
  • During the journey, you will enter the forest of Mimosa, in the heart of the Massif.
  • Arrival at the village of Tanneron you can visit the “Chapelle ND de Peygros”, the mimosa forcing factories and their local products.
  • Resumption of the winding road D38, offering you many panoramas on the oak forest, mimosas, eucalyptus, on the Siagne Valley and the chain of Southern Alps.
  • Arrival at Lake of St Cassien for a break of freshness and relaxation.
  • Resumption of the road towards Mandelieu-la Napoule via the A8.