The sea and its recreation
  • Diving and Snorkeling in Mandelieu

    Dive at Le Cantonnement du Cap Roux in the French Riviera.

    It is the largest fishing reserve in mainland France and covers 445 ha, marked on the surface by buoys. It was chosen for its biodiversity to enable the reproduction of fish (increase in the number of species and their quantity in terms of density and size). Quite surprisingly, it was established following a proposal by fishermen in 2003 and prohibits any type of fishing activity throughout the entire zone.

    The seabed in this area possesses a wealth of very diverse habitats: shallow and deep rocky bottoms, seagrass meadows, coralligenous reefs, gorgonian covered cliffs, sandy sea floors, semi-dark and dark caves, etc.

    Scientific monitoring by the University of Nice has revealed a healthy seagrass meadow, photophilic algae, coralligenous organisms and has also identified over 86 species, some of which are rare and larger than the fish and crustaceans in the areas outside the reserve. The reserve also shelters species that have been reported for the first time on French coasts.

    Experiences to share

    Divers can therefore observe white seabream, common dentex, seabass, brown meagre, gilt-head bream, black seabream, red porgy, grouper, moray eels, conger, barracuda, red mullet, red scorpionfish, comber and amberjack, as well as species of crustaceans such as lobsters, spiny lobsters and large slipper lobsters. Most of these species, usually coveted by professional and recreational fishermen, live in the seagrass meadows and coral beds that carpet the floor of the reserve.

    Diving clubs are the best guarantors of good practices in this environment: greater awareness for better protection. They regularly observe all the wealth of the reserve’s habitat during their dives. This site is among the 40 sites listed around our destination, along with:

    -          The Bay of Cannes sites

    -          The Lérins Islands sites

    -          The Estérel sites

    -          The caves and wrecks.

    Most of the dives proposed are accessible year-round to divers of all levels. Now’s the time to discover or rediscover the diversity of our undersea world!


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