The Esterel Massif and its red rocks

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Donjon of red rocks interspersed with vegetation in very supported green, the Esterel Massif is immersed in the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean and it reflects in a wonderland of colours. 

The Esterel Massif was torn from the African continent during the formation of the Mediterranean. Straight out of the bowels of the earth 250 million years ago, its colour and rugged relief are due to volcanic activity. The steep coves plunging into the Mediterranean bear witness to this turbulent geological history that offers astonishing landscapes: scarlet rock outcrops, belvederes on the Corniche d'Or, scented massifs, mysterious caves, panoramas where the sea meets the sky. An ideal place to immerse yourself in nature with your family.


Information on the Massif:


  • Areas: 32,000 hectares (of which 13,000 classified and protected).
  • Height: 614 m for its summit Mount Vinaigre
  • Location: Seafront between Mandelieu-La Napoule, Les Adrets and St Raphael
  • Access advice: Through « la Porte des Trois Termes » to the east or from La Rague Port, rising from the valley in the direction from that of Maure Vieille.
  • Types of rocks: Volcanic, primary era 
  • 6,000 ha of state forest (maintained by the National Forestry Office), the rest is composed of communal, departmental and private forests.
  • 400 km of roads, tracks and footpaths.



Good to know:

This forest massif marks the border between the Var and the Alpes Maritimes

  • Kilometres of tracks and trails for walkers and hikers in the heart of the state forest.
  • To absolutely discover the sumptuous road at the edge of sea between Mandelieu and St Raphaël
    « la corniche d’or »
  • The walks in the Massif will offer you many breathtaking panoramas as well as a preserved Mediterranean nature.

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The Departmental Park of the Esterel:

From the La Rague Port, the valley rises in the direction from that of Maure Vieille. The panoramas over the coastline and on the whole of the massif are particularly exceptional especially from the passes of the Trayas and Théoule.


Information on the Park:


  • Area: 700 hectares on the top of Mandelieu-La Napoule and Théoule-sur-Mer
  • Characteristics: Several paths used by the fire-fighters (DFCI), and various trails which make it very accessible

To be covered according to the times through walks on themes around the fauna and flora, or simply for the majestic beauty of the sites that you simply must discover.


For nature lovers:


  • Scrub, cork oak or pubescent, Aleppo or maritime pines cover this massif
  • Lavender, rosemary, rockrose undergrowth, calunes, heathland and robiniers will offer you a magic of colours and scents
  • Deer, wild boar, lizards, beetles and butterflies share this corner of paradise on earth


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