22nd Amateur Theatre Encounters:"Chat en poche"

THE 15 November 2017

Azienda della Gantelet "Chat en Poche" di Georges FEYDEAU

Pacarel wants to put together an opera composed by his daughter. To do this, he plans to bring in a famous tenor of the Bordeaux opera. Then a young Bordeauxer arrives who is not the one Pacarel was hoping for: he is the son of his friend Dufausset. Pacarel, taking him for the tenor, had him sign a contract, thus provoking a series of misunderstandings that would set the pace for this sparkling piece by Feydeau.

Directed by Nicole PEQUIGNOT - With Christine ALVAREZ, Lionel AVEZOU, Marie-Christine BESSET, Sophie BORGEL, Axel BOUVIER, Philippe de COËTLOGON, Gilles SINICROPI, Jean-Marc RICHARD.

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Wednesday 15 November 2017 at 8.30 PM.


One price: 7 €.

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