22nd Amateur Theatre Encounters:"Nono".

THE 16 November 2017

Studious Actors "Nono" by Sacha GUITRY

Nono loves money, diamonds and beautiful things, she is the mistress of Jacques, father's son who maintains him. Robert, a failed poet and friend of Jacques's, falls in love with the eccentric Nono. He himself was stunned by the jealous love of Mrs. Weiss, a wealthy bourgeois woman of ten years his eldest daughter. In the absence of the first suitor, Nono gave in to the second, until Mrs. Weiss stepped in and Jacques's unexpected return did not force the hour of choice!

Directed by Anne FRANCES - Distribution: Antoine FLAMENT, Léa LARIVE, Laurent SANCHEZ, Audrey AMOYEL, Florent VIARD, Mathilde SIMON

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Thursday 16 November 2017 at 8.30 PM.


One price: 7 €.

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