Concert : Nemir + L’or Du Commun + Mas Kit & Hip-Hip N Mic

THE 06 April 2019
  • Concert : Nemir + L’or Du Commun + Mas Kit & Hip-Hip N Mic

As part of the Musical Seasons of the Espace LDV

In 2012, we discovered Nemir with "Ailleurs", a single half rapped half-sung, which became an instant hit on all radio stations in the country, from the generalist waves of France Inter to the specialized ones of Skyrock. In 2018, he attracted the favour of the general public as well as rap fans, climbing on the country's biggest stages (Francofolies, Printemps de Bourges...) before accompanying Stromae on tour... In 2018, the lascar hasn't changed: with his new EP he is once again elsewhere; less frontally rap, more openly sung but still as accessible, popular and exciting.

Founded in 2012 in Brussels, Or Du Commun is one of the pillars of the unmissable Belgian rap scene that was consecrated in 2017 (Romeo Elvis, Damso, Caballero...). Influenced by the French rap of the 90s, the collective celebrates on unstoppable funky instruments.

Now an essential part of the Southeast Hip Hop scene, Mas Kit stands out as much for the diversity of its flow as for its thoughtful and committed lyrics. A blend of technique and a sense of metaphor, his style is inspired by multiple influences (trip-hop, reggae, slam,...)

Surrounded by the HIP HOP N MIC collective, which brings together the most talented artists on the local scene spotted during the Open Mic evenings and accompanied by his musicians, he will introduce us to some of the tracks on his future album!

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Saturday 6 April 2019 at 8.30 PM.


Full price: 15 €, Reduced price: 9 €.

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