Concert : Raul MIDÓN

THE 13 April 2018

Within the framework of the Jazz Seasons of the Espace LDV

Accomplished jazzman Raul MIDÓN, often compared to Stevie WONDER, played with the greatest, from Herbie HANCOCK to Snoop DOG and Juglio IGLESIAS. American singer, songwriter, songwriter and guitarist Raul MIDÓN is an artist of many cultures, mixing Soul and Jazz with the sounds of Latin music.

Using his voice as an instrument capable of reproducing the timbre of the trumpet or the inflections of a saxophone, Raul MIDÓN is a real orchestra man on his own, from the guitar he masters as a person to the blues-pop-soul melodies that animate a very singular voice.

Openings and Rates


Friday 13 April 2018 at 8.30 PM.


Full price: 15 €, Tarif réduit: 9 €.

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