Festival Les Royal’s du Rire : Antonia de RENDINGER "Moi Je !"

THE 11 November 2017

Of course, when she grows up, little Antonia will be an "immmmmmense" artist, worshipped all over the world!

This unconditional free-flowing show, made up of reworked improvisations, marks a break with the previous ones: it is no longer a story that she tells us but ten stories, which are linked like so many pearls on a necklace.
The scene becomes a real playroom where more than 20 characters meet, from the young mother overwhelmed by shared custody to SVT's teacher "old school", passing through a tragic Cleopatra.

The social mix, the cult of Brel, Bluebeard and feminine pleasure throughout the world are all themes that this new opus tackles.
Heiress of Sylvie JOLY, Zouc, Albert DUPONTEL, or Philippe CAUBÈRE, Antonia handles madness and takes care of the text, the play and the substance with a pleasing requirement and exuberance!

Author/interpreter: Antonia de RENDINGER / Directed by Olivier SITRUK

Openings and Rates


Saturday 11 November 2017 at 8.30 PM.


Plein tarif: 20 to 25 €, Tarif réduit: 20 €.

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