Robinson's Nights: Lisa SIMONE

THE 26 July 2018
  • Robinson's Nights: Lisa SIMONE

Jazz / Soul

Daughter of Nina SIMONE, Lisa has had a singular trajectory. A veteran of the Iraq war before becoming a singer, it was on Broadway that she took to the stage and then toured internationally with other stars.

With My World, her latest album, Lisa SIMONE opens the doors of intimacy in grand style. Through the songs, we discover the importance of her family, her children of course but also her mother, Nina.

At 53, Lisa SIMONE sings to us about the happiness of finally finding her place in this world, of simply living. Through her experiences and encounters, she has transcended past suffering and now wishes to share with the public a deep joy, a new serenity.
Here is what will remain of these simple, falsely naive and sumptuous songs.

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Thursday 26 July 2018 at 9 PM.


Full price: 30 €, Tarif réduit: 25 €.

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