Robinson's Nights: "Monumental Tango"

THE 17 July 2018
  • Robinson's Nights: "Monumental Tango"

Musical show - The perfect combination of classical and lyrical demands with the warmth of tango.

The perfect combination of the classical and lyrical requirement with the warmth of tango.

"MONUMENTAL TANGO" is made up of three exceptional performers from the tanguero, classical and lyrical musical milieu: the Argentine pianist and composer Lucia ABONIZIO, the Argentine bandoneonist Gilberto PEREYRA and the French-Spanish tenor Gilles SAN JUAN.

Endowed with an extreme passion and a perfect knowledge of tango, this trio will make you discover its various forms: from the night lows of Buenos Aires to the Hollywood tango of Carlos GARDEL, from the popular cabarets to the purists or revolutionaries who elevated it to the rank of Art like Astor PIAZZOLLA.
This show of incredible power and artistic subtlety where quotations, lyrical singing and classical music intertwine with tango with a surprising elegance.

With Lucia ABONIZIO, piano - Gilberto PEREYRA, bandoneon - Gilles SAN JUAN, tenor
Jean-Francois DUBOURG, Sophie RAYNAUD, Karine SOUCHEIRE, dancers.

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Tuesday 17 July 2018 at 9 PM.


Full price: 25 €, Tarif réduit: 20 €.

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