Robinson's Nights: "Presidential Regime"

THE 19 July 2018
  • Robinson's Nights: "Presidential Regime"

Comedy by Nathalie MARQUAY-PERNAUT, Jean-Pierre PERNAUT and Éric LE ROCH

Did you like "Matignon Trap"?
You'll love "Presidential Regime"!
Jean-Pierre PERNAUT, the author, draws his inspiration from current events and makes fun of all kinds of characters, known or imaginary, for our greatest pleasure.

Take an honest politician, an ambitious wife, a dishonest advisor, a benevolent press officer and an incompetent coach. Sprinkle a handful of dishonest intentions and misplaced ambitions. Add a dose of bad faith to the scent of questionable morals. Pour a zest of courage into the juice of resistance. Mix it all up in a presidential campaign where all blows are allowed. Let simmer 1h30 and you get "Presidential Regime".

A play with a delicious taste of comedy where laughter will remind us how politics and theatre sometimes have in common the taste of farce! A room to consume without moderation.

With Nathalie MARQUAY-PERNAUT, Philippe RISOLI, Clément NASLIN, Marie-Laure DESCOUREAUX, Éric LE ROCH

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Thursday 19 July 2018 at 9 PM.


Full price: free of charge.

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