Robinson's Nights: "Time That Remains"

THE 24 July 2018
  • Robinson's Nights: "Time That Remains"

Comedy by Philippe LELLOUCHE

When the need to take stock of the past and the urgency to live well the time that remains is felt...
The fine team of the "Truth Game" or "Drinking, Smoking and Driving Fast" is back in this bittersweet comedy that appeals to today's quinquas. Sophie, Sébastien, Paul and Franck, four childhood friends, find themselves at the funeral of the inseparable fifth of the band, who died suddenly at the age of fifty.
The shock and pain are immense, so much so that they will find themselves taking stock of their past, but especially the urgency to live well the time they have left. The opportunity for them to reveal their dreams, their desires, which will be surprising to say the least....

A room as disturbing as it is invigorating!

With Christian VADIM, Philippe LELLOUCHE, David BRECOURT, Noémie ELBAZ
Directed by Nicolas BRIANCON

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Tuesday 24 July 2018 at 9 PM.


Full price: 30 €.

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