Warren ZAVATTA "Ce soir dans votre ville !"

THE 15 December 2017

Actor, musician, juggler, acrobat, grandson of the great Achilles...

An actor, musician, juggler, acrobat, acrobat, grandchild of the great Achilles, this modern-day romano does not deny anything, but dares in this funny and caustic spectacular performance, to hurt with sincerity and humor, the "marvelous" world of the Circus in which he grew up is at his own expense.

Dany Boon's word:"What does Warren ZAVATTA want there? Huh! That I should say good things about his show? Is that it? Is that it? To humiliate me a little more! Is that what the other comedian, mime, clown, actor, musician, juggler, acrobat wants? Huh? "He's got all the talent" is what he wants to hear the other twisted one. He did not have enough of his audience, applauding to break it all, standing at the end of each of his shows. No? What's more, he needs his peers' recognition for that jerk? Well, no, I'm not sorry, I won't make him happy. There you go! That's all, it's niet! Besides, I don't like bald people. ""

Directed by Anne BOURGEOIS

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Friday 15 December 2017 at 8.30 PM.


Plein tarif: 15 €, Tarif réduit: 9 €.

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