• The family

"Rando" Detective

Lover of the sea and nature, Mandelieu-La Napoule invites you to discover in family the secrets of the city through 2 itineraries along the banks of the Siagne river and on the seaside !

To engage children visiting the Chateau, La Napoule Art Fondation offers a free treasure hunt to each young visitor. Children follow clues that lead them on an adventure throughout our formal gardens and offer a fun way to visit the Museum.

Weekly market in Capitou district on Jeanne d' Arc Square

This guided cruise is a fantastic opportunity to admire the breathtaking contrast between the red rocks of the Esterel and the turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea.

Small weekly market in the La Napoule district on the Place St Fainéant.

Mandelieu skateboard park

Since January 2010, the city of Mandelieu-La Napoule equipped itself with a new skateboard park ! Opened to rollers, skateboards and bmx, it is usable from the age of 8 years old as condition that two people are present simultaneously on the spot.