Fishing in Mandelieu

  • fish mandelieu siagne
  • fish mandelieu siagne
  • fish mandelieu siagne

The Grande Siagne

This sector is located between the Tanneron Bridge and the Mandelieu anti-salt dam. The Siagne is fed upstream by magnificent springs and by the lake of Saint Cassien. The food richness of its waters ensures the rapid growth of the fish species present.

The fish population in this watercourse has been largely reinforced following a fish management plan carried out by the AAPPMA "Les Pêcheurs de Basse Siagne". It offers fishermen the opportunity to practice all fishing techniques.

The Siagne, 2nd category waters in Mandelieu-la Napoule

Fishing is permitted all year round but may not take place more than half an hour before sunrise or more than half an hour after sunset. Fish species: Trout Fario, Pike, Tench, Perch, Roach, Carp. Number of salmonid catches allowed: 6.

The good places of the Grande Siagne: The Tanneron Bridge, the course of the Ecluse, the Ecluse de Pégomas, the Pont de Pégomas, the Cascade de la Fénerie...

Mandelieu Stadium

It is the preferred area for white fish fishing such as roach and bream. We can see fish weighing several kilos walking along the borders in search of their food.

The borders are easily accessible and the posts are very marked, which makes it easier to fish with the large rod, for example. A "pear" float is ideal for this slow-current area. For bait, the maggot (pinkies) is ideal for deciding which white fish to bite.

The trick: use a barbless hook to save time and avoid hurting the white fish you are about to catch.


Attention the flow of the river can change at any time! And it is not uncommon for water to rise rapidly following a release of the dam upstream. It is therefore dangerous to venture into the Siagne, even if the water seems calm and peaceful...


Fishing shops in Mandelieu

CABESTO: For beginners and experienced fishermen. Fisherman's equipment, natural baits and accessories.

Avenue du Maréchal Lyautey. Telephone: 04 92 97 31 90

MANDELIEU DECATHLON: Clothing, shoes, equipment, bait and fishing tackle. From fishing on foot to surfcasting, not to mention fishing with lures on board and by boat.

ZAC de la canardière. Telephone: 04 93 90 25 08

CABESTO and DECATHLON are the custodians of Internet fishing cards in Mandelieu-la-Napoule.


Since 2018, the fishing licence no longer exists in paper form. All fishing cards must be subscribed from the website:

For any information on fishing conditions or regulations, contact the Departmental Fishing Federation in 06.

FDAAPPMA 06 is located at 682, Boulevard du Mercantour Le Clos de la Manda Chemin de Saint Roman 06200 Nice.

Telephone: 04 93 72 06 04 / /