Sea, fun & sun!

The Mandolocian coastline allows you to contemplate the beach at any time. secret beach, idleness beach, sports beach, family beach, everyone will find the pleasure of sharing memories throughout the holidays. Here is a suggested program in the exceptional setting of the Gulf of Napoule. The opportunity to discover secret or picturesque beaches on the Côte d'Azur.

8 a.m. > Beach Château de la Napoule. Within the walls of the famous Castle of Lovers and facing the Mediterranean, yoga session or paddle ride to start the day.

beach of La Napoule castle – Mandelieu

9am > Robinson Beach. Meet for an hour loin-coast, a coastal aquatic hike for gentle and fun fitness in a friendly and sporty atmosphere.

Longe Côte – Mandelieu

10 a.m. > Departure from the nautical base and the “Les Voiles de Lérins” Nautical Center. The choice is wide, catamaran, kayak, SUP Paddle, water skiing or sea trip. Let's go to indulge in a nautical activity in the Gulf of Napoule and get back in touch with the elements.

Les Voiles de Lérins – Mandelieu

13am > Lunch with your feet in the sand, view of the Lérins Islands to taste the specialties of the Riviera and the local fresh produce.

Baia Plage – Mandelieu

16am > Beach volleyball on the beach, pedalo in the Gulf of La Napoule with the children, sea ​​canoe : head for the coves overlooked by the red rocks of the Estérel… Fun and contemplative sports, à la carte.

Beach Volleyball – Mandelieu

17 p.m. > As a family, swimming with the children on one of the beaches of Mandelieu-La Napoule. We particularly like the Raguette Beach because children walk there for a long time.

Raguette Beach – Mandelieu

18am > Candy of ou jogging feet in the water, along the shore for an end of the day where the light softens.

19am > Afterwork shared with friends on the beautiful beaches at sunset. We recommend the Rague Beach, it's a little the secret beach of the Côte d'Azur, in any case instagrammable !

Picnic Mandelieu beach

20 p.m. > Can we imagine the program for the next day? Snorkeling or scuba diving, wake-boarding, exploring the surrounding islands or coves, going out into the open sea... An endless program departing from Mandelieu-La Napoule.