The Mimosa


Mimosas illuminate our winter from January till March. February is the opportunity to discover Côte d'Azur under an unpublished aspect and allows unexpected escapades. It is the month of the corso and the carnivals:  Lemon Fest in Menton, Carnival of Nice and traditional  Mimosa Fest in Mandelieu-La Napoule

Creation of perfume workshop

Enter into the skin of a real perfumer with this workshop situated in the city of Grasse ! Indeed, after the interesting guided tour, you will take place around an impressive organ with flavors where, following the indications of a councillor, you will learn the basic rules...

Forcerie de mimosa

Originating in Australia, mimosa was introduced to Europe in the middle of the 19th century, thanks to scientist and botanist. It thrived on the Côte d'Azur due to the warm climate and the siliceous soil. Planted in 1880 in the Croix des Gardes on the properties of the great winter hosts, such...

Le Mimosa illumine les jardins en hiver

The Mimosa belongs to the genus Acacia and the sub-family of Mimosoideae.

The different species are used for very varied purposes: cut flowers, ornamental plant or rockeries, defensive hedges or as a wind break, sand and soil control, but also for perfumery. It is mainly grown in southern...

route du mimosa
Mimosa Route, 130 Km on the French Riviera

Today through 130 km,  the « Route du Mimosa » extends from Bormes-les-Mimosas to Grasse.  

Mimosa Festival

Being an integral part of the winter festivals of the Côte d’Azur, the Mandelieu Mimosa Festival constitutes a major appointment every year during February ! Created in 1931 and taking place during 8 consecutive days, the Mimosa Festival is a great popular festivity...

Route dans le Tanneron

Continuation in the lands of the Esterel but closer to the Maures Massif by its forms and its structure. 
To explore throughout the year and especially in January and February, in the heart of winter, for its mimosa forest in bloom.