The Mimosa Festival, February 2018

  • Mimosa Festival

Being an integral part of the winter festivals of the Côte d’Azur, the Mandelieu Mimosa Festival constitutes a major appointment every year during February ! Created in 1931 and taking place during 8 consecutive days, the Mimosa Festival is a great popular festivity gathering every year local people but also thousands of visitors.

Dates of the next Mimosa Festival

From 20th to 28th February 2018, the Mimosa Festival will celebrate "The American Dream".

The important moments of the celebration:
Friday 23 February: night show in La Napoule (programme to come)
Saturday 24 February at 2pm: Election of the Queen of Mimosa at the Expo Congress Centre
Sunday 25 February at 2.30 pm: Big Mimosa Parade in La Napoule, on the Promenade du bord du mer
And every day, from 21 to 28 February: Hiking in the mimosa forest
and February 22,24th, 26th and 27th: Excursion by coach "From Mimosa to the creation of perfume".

The provisional programme can be downloaded from this page. Tickets store will opened December 15th in our offices and online store.


The course of the events

After an inaugural evening at the Chapel “Notre-Dame des Mimosas” but also by the traditional beauty election of the Queen of the Mimosa in the Mandelieu Congress Exhibition Center, the party spreads in all the districts of the town, from the city-center to La Napoule where are taking place the famous floral floats processions. Indeed, Saturday evening, a night parade of flowery mimosas tanks cultivated on the neighbouring hills parades in the streets of city-center at the sound of brass bands and street orchestras. But especially, the main attraction is assured on Sunday afternoon with the floral floats procession in the district of La Napoule when, two hours long, the flowers battle amazes children and adults and where everybody is going back home loaded with mimosas !

But also, the Mimosa Festival, it is magnificent shows presented on Friday evening ! Also, beyond the festivities, the Mimosa Festival allows visitors to deepen their knowledge on the famous shrub with activities and products proposed by the Mandelieu Tourist Office. Indeed, bus excursions “From Mimosa to Perfume” allow to meet a real mimosiste within its exploitation and to cross the biggest Europe mimosa forest before discovering an initiation into the perfume creation in Grasse. Also, for the nature lovers, guided hikes “In the Country of the Mimosa” suggest hiking with a professional on the most beautiful paths of the Tanneron Mass and discovering the wild mimosas in flower but also understanding how it has arrived on the Côte d’Azur.


To please your loved ones

Finally, during all the blooming period (usually from end December to beginning of March), pleased your family and friends with a service of bouquet of mimosa sending directly from the greenhouse via the shop on-line.
And don't forget the little souvenir that will please around you, we have some special local produces to propose.