The Mimosa forest, a unique vegetation

  • Route dans le Tanneron
  • VTT dans le Tanneron
  • Balade sur la piste du Grand Duc
  • Vue mer depuis le Tanneron

Continuation in the lands of the Esterel but closer to the Maures Massif by its forms and its structure. 
To explore throughout the year and especially in January and February, in the heart of winter, for its mimosa forest in bloom.



Imported from Australia in the mid 19th century by the "English Lords" who discovered the Côte d'Azur, mimosa acclimatised very well to the slopes of the Tanneron and now covers all its hills.

More information about its history


The Forest of the Grand Duke :


Located on the lower slopes of the Tanneron, facing the sea, this municipal forest, whose management is entrusted to the O.N. F, offers a genuinely fantastic view at the top of the Côte d'Azur.


Information on the Forest of the Grand Duke:


  • Area: 90 ha 

  • Climate: Mediterranean, with warm summers and very dry

  • Situation: Less than 10 km of the agglomeration instead called "the Grand Duke", on the border of the department of the Var and at the north-western extremity of the municipal area 

  • Altitude: Varies between 250 m and 475 m 

The slopes and trails are arranged for your use and you will both benefit from exceptional views of the coastline, while discovering the specific forest flora of this massif. Picnic aera.


Circuit by car "explore the Tanneron"


  • Departure from Mandelieu-La Napoule on the départementale 92 with view over:
    - A breathtaking view of the coast
    - The Lérins Islands
    - Cannes and its surroundings 
    - The summits of the Alps

  • During the journey you penetrate the mimosa forest , in the heart of the Massif

  • Arrival in the village of Tanneron where you can visit: 
    - The charming Chapel "N-D de Peygros
    - The mimosa forceries and their local produce

  • Resumption of the winding road (D38) offering you several views of the forest of oak, mimosa and eucalyptus, the valley of the Siagne River and the chain of the Southern Alps

  • Arrival at St Cassian lake for a drop of freshness and relaxation

  • resumption of the road in the direction of Mandelieu-La Napoule by the A8, nearby…


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