Mimosa Route

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Mimosa Route, 130 Km on the French Riviera

Today through 130 km,  the « Route du Mimosa » extends from Bormes-les-Mimosas to Grasse.  

This touristic route is  recommended  from January to March and is typically a symbol of the Côte d’Azur,  which offers winter in a mild climate,  a sort of itinerant holidays between blue azur and yellow sun ... Winding  between coastline and forests, this road you discover the wealth of the French Riviera, its authenticity,  its unique terroir, its festive atmosphere, its unsuspected wealth across the fragrant scent of mimosa.

A time to share experiences with local producers

With this edition, we invite you to a journey filled with unique experiences, encounters and emotions to live. Enter the forests or remarkable gardens to breathe the subtle scents of mimosa ...

Push the doors of hot greenhouses to meet and share with the mimosa experts, their passion for mimosa just the time for a meeting ...

Make a gastronomic stop to taste the specialties scents and flavors of mimosa and exalt your senses. Experience an exciting and olfactory moment a mysterious alchemy of flavors ... To carry you out through the magic of the yellow flower!