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    The level of port equipment is exceptional in Mandelieu-la Napoule, with over 5000 spaces distributed over seven ports entirely dedicated to the marina. 
    Open water ports in the sea or rivers, or a dry port supplementing the local port system, all boaters can find the solution best suited to their form of water sport practice in Mandelieu.

150 posts fully devoted to motor boats.

Port Inland is a dry marina with a capacity of 800 places which takes motorboats up to 5 tons.

La Napoule Port<br />
43 ° 32 ' NORTH - 06 ° 56 ' EAST<br />
V.H.F Canal 9<br />
Public port: 200 posts from 6 m to 35 m<br />
Leased port: 717 posts from 6 m to 52 m<br />
Slots for passing boats up to 35 m on pontoon dock...

V.H.F Canal 9 -
560 posts130 of which are for passing. Spaces provided for pleasure boats
up to 30 metres. Fuels, shops, nautical services, restaurants at the port.
Diving and sailing clubs.

250 posts fully devoted to motor boats.

1769 posts for motor boats, various shops and water sports on the marina.