Actions with our visitors.

  • A scooter crisscrosses the city and its strategic tourist points to meet visitors.
  • The travel advisors are aware of the means of getting around the territory using public transport and inform customers and visitors of this.
  • The Tourist Office is labeled “Accueil Vélo”: it is a national brand which guarantees a welcome and quality services along the cycle routes.
  • Maps listing the cycle paths of the department are available to visitors.
  • The Center Expo Congrès is engaged in an ISO 20121 certification process for the events sector.
  • The Tourist and Convention Bureau is labeled Tourism and Handicap for the 4 disabilities.
  • We distribute information on fragile natural environments, sea and mountains: the Estérel and Tanneron massifs, the banks of Siagne, the beaches, etc.
  • The Tourist Office shop offers products from local producers (honey, olive oil, wine, spreads, soaps, perfumes, etc.) 
  • We encourage visitors to consult our brochures in digital format.
  • We send letters in green letter.

Internal actions within the Tourist and Convention Bureau.

Awareness :

  • Staff are made aware of everyday eco-gestures via display panels or in the newcomer's welcome booklet.

Management of water and energy consumption:

  • Extinguishing lights when leaving offices and motion detectors are installed in the corridors.
  • Computers and photocopiers automatically go to sleep.
  • Use of LED bulbs, low consumption.
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products that require little water and toilets equipped with a dual flush.

The recycling :

  • Waste is sorted systematically (glass, cardboard, paper, coffee pods, surgical masks, ink cartridges, etc.)
  • Sorting bins are available in all offices as well as in public reception areas (reception office and Center Expo Congrès)

Print management:

  • Reasoned impressions (only what is necessary, black and white impressions…)
  • Management of order thresholds for brochures published by the Tourist Office to avoid scrap.
  • Order and acceptance of the right quantity of documentation from service providers according to the consumption experience of previous years.
  • Suppliers with an eco-responsible commitment.
  • Documents and brochures printed on recycled paper.


  • Provision of an electric service vehicle, as well as a bicycle.
  • Preference for carpooling or soft mobility for staff travel.


The World Tourism Organization defines sustainable tourism as “tourism that takes full account of its economic, social and

current and future environmental challenges, meeting the needs of visitors, professionals, the environment and host communities”

The principles of sustainable tourism are applicable to any form and any tourist niche, in all types of destinations.

70% of the territory of Mandelieu is classified as a protected natural area. The preservation of our heritage is an absolute priority for the Tourist Office and the community.

At the Mandelieu Convention and Visitors Bureau, we have been committed for several years to sustainable development, in order to minimize the environmental consequences of our activity.

We also make visitors aware of this approach, which, through simple actions, can reduce their environmental impact on the destination.