Eco-gestures to adopt during your holidays

Adopting an eco-citizen behavior during your holidays is easy! Sustainable tourism should be on the holiday menu

During your transport: Choose clean transport to get to your vacation spot. Drive economically: CO2 emissions are harmful to the environment. Drive at a constant speed, avoid using the air conditioning and inflate your tires well.
On site, use public transport and so-called soft transport (cycling, walking): you will save money by leaving your car and promote the quality and benefits of the Côte d'Azur air!

Practice carpooling 

On a daily basis Favor local products from a more responsible distribution circuit as well as seasonal products that will taste much better.

At the hotel, make yourself at home

Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms. Do not leave appliances on standby, turn off the taps when brushing your teeth. Choose natural insecticides: chemical aerosols damage the environment. Prefer lemongrass to keep mosquitoes away. Sort your waste: glass, cardboard, plastic bottles, metal cans and cans...

Do not hesitate to consult the organization of the selective sorting set up by the city During your activities. Respect the environment and protect local ecosystems: never leave trash on a hike or at the beach and keep sorting it.

Do not hesitate to take a garbage bag during your walks. Just observe the flora during your excursions: walk on the paths and do not pick the flowers. Prefer sunscreen oil. The oil forms a screen on the surface of the water which slows down photosynthesis, and therefore plant life near the coast, whereas the cream dissolves more easily in the water. Do not throw your cigarette butts on the beach: a cigarette butt lasts for 12 years...
Remember to take a pocket ashtray!

The Carbon Calculator

To go further, calculate your ecological footprint and do your personal carbon footprint. This carbon calculator is an awareness tool. It allows you to assess the amount of CO2 produced during your travels and therefore your impact on the environment.

Choose your mode of transport (plane, car or train), indicate the route and click on “Calculate”: Reducing our CO2 emissions would thus reduce our impact on the environment.

For this, the use of soft modes of transport, which only use human energy, such as walking and cycling are to be encouraged, but also the use of public transport or carpooling.