Eco tips for the holidays

Adopting eco-friendly behaviour during your holidays is easy! Put sustainable tourism on your holiday menu!

This means becoming aware of the environmental impact of mass tourism and local populations, and considering more responsible tourism that is more respectful of city dwellers. During transport: Prefer clean transport to reach your holiday destination. Drive economically: CO2 emissions threaten the environment. Drive at constant speed, avoid using air-conditioning and be sure your tyres are properly inflated.

Once at your destination, use public and eco-friendly transport (cycling, walking): you will save money by not taking your vehicle as well as promoting the Riviera’s air quality and benefits!


Every day, promote local products from a more responsible distribution system, remembering products in season will taste so much better.

While in a hotel, do as you would at home

Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms. Don’t leave devices on standby. Turn taps off while brushing your teeth. Prefer natural insecticides: chemical aerosols damage the environment. Citronnella (lemongrass) is best for keeping mosquitoes away. Sort your trash: glass, cardboard, plastic bottles, tin cans, etc.

Don’t hesitate to consult the selective sorting system set up by your town or city. During your activities: respect the environment and protect local ecosystems: never leave waste behind when hiking or on the beach; always sort it.

Don’t hesitate to take along a garbage bag when hiking. Enjoy observing flora when hiking, stay on the marked trails and don’t pick and flowers. Prefer suntan cream to oil; oil forms a film on the surface of water, which slows photosynthesis, and is harmful to coastal plant life, while creams dissolve more easily in water. Don’t discard cigarette butts on the beach: one cigarette butt lasts 12 years…
Don’t forget to carry a pocket ashtray!

Carbon Calculator

To go further, calculate your ecological footprint and your personal carbon footprint. This Carbon Calculator is a tool for raising awareness: it helps evaluate the amount of CO2 produced when you travel and thus, your impact on the environment.

Choose your means of transport (aeroplane, automobile or train), the itinerary and click on ‘Calculate’: Reducing our CO2 emissions should thus mitigate our environmental impact.

To this end, the use of eco-friendly transport requiring human energy alone, like walking and cycling, should be promoted, along with the use of collective transport or carsharing.