The San Peyre, advanced guard on the sea

  • Le Mont San Peyre
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The Orientation Table of Mount San Peyre

Mount San Peyre, or "Sacred Mountain" is a Departmental Natural Park of 18 hectares. From the top of its 131 meters, it overlooks the district of La Napoule, the plains of Siagne and Argentière and offers a breathtaking 360° view of Cannes Bay, the Lérins Islands and the Esterel Massif. It is a must to visit during a romantic weekend or school holidays on the French Riviera.

Mount San Peyre or the sacred mountain of Maupassant

This mountain became a Latin place of worship dedicated to Mercury when La Napoule was Roman. Much later, in the 11th century, a castle and a church were built on its summit, before being destroyed in the 14th century. San Peyre holds an important place in literature thanks in particular to Guy de Maupassant, whom he renamed "La montagne sacrée". He loved to recharge his batteries in winter in our region, and more particularly to walk on this hill. During his walks, he met a hermit who lived at the top and became friends with this man whose story he recounted in a short story called "The Hermit". Oscar Wilde was also won over by the colours and scents of this place.

A vegetation of scrubland

The vegetation is typical of the forest and the local scrubland. A 3.4 km long pedestrian path crosses it on a gentle slope, through pines, cork oaks and mimosas. Once you reach the top, you will discover the ruins of the old fortress. For nature lovers, the San Peyre Botanical Trail will allow you to discover plants, trees and shrubs labelled in the middle of the forest.


A sporting course for running enthusiasts

A marked out itinerary is arranged on 2 Km in the ascent of San Peyre, an additional reason to make the site discover the most sporty people with as a reward an exceptional panorama on the sea and the hinterland.