The Siagne river banks

  • Relaxation in family along the Siagne river
  • Jogging along the Siagne river
  • Tranquility along the Siagne river
  • Relaxation along the Siagne river
  • Follow the Siagne river by the pedestrian path

Real places of peace and tranquility, the banks of the Siagne river have a real landscaped identity. Stretching along the Siagne river along 3 kilometers, connecting the city center with the Mediterranean coast, the banks of the Siagne river are regularly borrowed as well by the amateurs of walking as by the joggers and the families. The vegetation is dense with more than 2000 trees and shrubs of about fifty different species. Throughout the walk, the footpath crosses Port Inland, first dry harbour of Europe with a capacity of 800 places and which can welcome in the month or in the year motorboats up to 6 tons, but also the Rowing Club Cannes-Mandelieu where are training the rowing followers and which saw arising champions such as Sébastien Vielledent, gold medallist in Sydney in 2004. Also, in front of Port Inland raises the Camille park, bucolic and peaceful hyphen between both banks of Siagne sheltering a playground for the smallest ones as well as Alexia's garden. Finally, the outdoor space "body boomer" group numerous devices of fitness.


For the family escapades, think of removing beforehand your "Randoland" index card at the Mandelieu Tourist Office to make in family a treasure hunt along the Siagne river !

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