Boat Spirit Experience

BOAT SPIRIT EXPERIENCE is a Motor Boat Owners Club offering nautical, tourist, cultural and gastronomic events to its members and their families.

It is also an event agency specializing in boating

Indeed, created by two boating enthusiasts, Eric and Philippe, Boat Spirit Experience transmits its passion for surpassing oneself and its creativity by organizing nautical Events dedicated to Companies, Public Administrations and Individuals.

To do this, Boat Spirit Experience is surrounded by a team of seasoned professionals to create thematic Events and optimize all public relations and incentive operations.

Finally, Boat Spirit Experience is innovating in the creation of a unique club of sea enthusiasts where each motor boat owner can join (either as a Large or Grand Large member) to share their passion and perform in an Eco-responsible way. in its navigation.

Some examples :
- A safe and accompanied crossing in the Mediterranean: you dream of it but you don't dare, cross with your family, with your unit! Boat Spirit Experience prepares you for it and accompanies you in complete safety to reach Corsica, Italy, Monaco or the Balearic Islands in total autonomy.

- Development and optimization modules for the navigation of your boat, always in an Eco-responsible approach that respects the Environment!

- Tourist, gastronomic, cultural and sporting events with restaurateurs and tourism players from Mandolo and the French Riviera!
- Recreational activities with service providers on the Côte d'Azur who organize nautical initiations for its members, boats, wakeboarding, seabob, electric surfing, scuba diving, paddle….