The Esterel Massif

In nature! A vast playground for hikers, lovers of mountain bike or e-bike who will find there a multitude of tracks and paths which can vary to infinity in the middle of the plants of the maquis.

Hiking in the Estérel

To take full eyes! Hikers appreciate the view of the sparkling blue waters of the sea which contrast with the red of the rock. The marked trails are traced over 32 hectares, 000 of which are classified and protected. The highest point is Mont Vinaigre which reaches 13 m. You will have the pleasure of enjoying a good picnic in the middle of nature and to finish your sporty outing with a swim in one of the coves or beaches along the coast.

The Estérel Departmental Park

Hike idea! From the Port of La Rague, go up the valley towards the Maure Vieille valley. Panoramic views of the coast and the entire massif are particularly exceptional, especially from the Trayas and Théoule passes.

More information

  • Area: 700 hectares above Mandelieu-la Napoule and Théoule-sur-Mer.
  • Characteristics: many tracks are used by firefighters (DFCI), and various trails that make them particularly accessible.
  • You may be accompanied by a professional guide for your first hikes or if you need a route map (video map, ONF map), do not hesitate to come and meet us directly at the Mandelieu-la Napoule Tourist Office reception.

A little history …

The Estérel Massif was torn from the African continent during the formation of the Mediterranean 250 million years ago. Its color and rugged terrain are due to volcanic activity.

The creeks plunging into the Mediterranean testify to this turbulent geological history which offer astonishing landscapes: scree of scarlet rocks, belvederes on Corniche d'Or, fragrant massifs, mysterious caves, panoramas where the sea meets the sky.

Fauna and Flora: lentisks, heathers, cistus, locusts, arbutus, junipers, cork oaks, pubescents, Aleppo pines. Animals: stags, wild boars, lizards, beetles and butterflies share this corner of paradise.