Glacier Icefalls

An ice cream, a pancake or a tea in the heart of the village of La Napoule. A pleasant and friendly moment to share with family or friends.

"We offer expertly crafted ice creams and sorbets made by master ice cream maker Stéphane Vindret. A selection of forty products with an authentic taste are on offer."

Beyond the taste, it is also a know-how in terms of presentation and composition of ice cream sundaes that we offer to the greatest connoisseurs. There is something for every taste. We offer classic sundaes, as well as a selection of alcoholic sundaes, but also original frozen compositions made up of ice cream, fruit, authentic homemade "La Napouloise" whipped cream, inclusions, toppings. For the greediest, we have developed "sensational" cups that can be made with more than 1 liter of ice cream.

La Cascade des Glaces is also a privileged place to taste homemade pancakes whose recipe is jealously guarded secret..., Brussels waffles and cork waffles. The choice ranges from the simplest (with sugar) to the most elaborate (La Mythique Duo Choc).

Other products to satisfy the gluttony are proposed. Customers come to our ice cream parlor to enjoy milkshakes (made to order with our artisanal ice cream), smoothies and smoothies (90% minimum fruit & 10% maximum pure cane sugar, 0% additives (no coloring, preservatives , aroma) !


The Napuloise:
The authentic Chantilly "La Napouloise" elaborated by Jean-Pierre Caron. The recipe is a mixture of different exceptional ingredients, two of which are jealously kept secret... It owes its success to the skillfully studied dosages.
Everything is unique: the color, the taste, the texture!
A Chantilly without equal by its aromas of vanilla, caramel, rum..., its rustic and authentic color and its firm and unctuous texture.

The Gaulette:
The "Gaillette" ice cream, which means piece of coal, was made by Jean-Pierre Caron in the village of La Napoule.
The recipe is a base of chicory, speculoos and caramel topping reminiscent of the "Bebeluttes" sweets from the North. The whole is mixed with vegetable charcoal. This last ingredient gives the black color to this ice cream. It has a unique texture and flavors reminiscent of foods and drinks consumed regularly by northern miners. It will forever be associated with "Gaillette", the miner's ice cream!


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